H. 15:00 - 20:00

Opening "Vessel (no) Vessel"

Curated by Riccardo Sorani, Andrea Belisario

On the occasion of Milan Art Week, ESH Gallery, a space that operates on the indistinguishable boundary between sculpture, contemporary craft and design, presents the new exhibition Vessel (no) Vessel. The exhibition presents works by artists who, with their respective formal research on ceramics and glass, trace new expressive routes and redefine the archetypal theme of the vase, one of the oldest art forms present in every culture. Vases not vases which, once the concept of functionality has disappeared, become pure art objects, a perfect synthesis between technical tradition and contemporary language. Artists present: Licia Cicala, Guido De Zan, Fuku Fukumoto, Clara Holt, Akio Niisato, Oki Izumi, Ryo Sekino, Hanako Gejo, Shinya Tanoe.
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