H. 18:30 - 21:00

Inaugurazione "Home Sweet Home"

Curated by Ben Broome

Vistamare is pleased to present Home Sweet Home. A solo exhibition of works by Claudia Comte. Exhibiting sculpture and painting amongst an ambitious site specific installation, Home Sweet Home initiates a physical connection between Vistamare’s Milan gallery and the hills outside of Basel, where Comte lives andworks, clashing nature with the metropolitan; contrasting the place of creation with the site of exhibition. Central to the exhibition are a series of organic sculptural works made in 2023, the mother of which was a single ancient Sequoia tree that fell near the artist’s home. These polished forms are reminiscent of coral and cacti-linking local European biomes with desert / reef and continuing Comte’s exploration into the delicate equilibriums of the natural world and the man-made decline of these ecosystems. – Ben Broome
VISTAMARE location