H. 18:30 - 21:00

Opening "Wild. A reflection on Nature"

Curated by Greta Zuccali

"'Wild. A Reflection on Nature" is a suggestion that promotes, through an exploration of the profound connection between the human body and nature, a culture of awareness and respect, emphasising nature as an entity towards which to orient oneself and sustainability as a guiding principle and value. The exhibition opens with the series Siphonophorae by Anna Vassena. Siphonophorae are aggregates that recall a natural organic dimension in their shapes and colours. It continues with the installations by Elena Zecchin, an artist and climate activist who works with a vocabulary made up of organic symbols, living materials, free gestures that aim to unite body, nature and dreams. It closes with the photographic series by Colombian artist Tatiana Russi, who has embarked on an exploratory journey in which the naked body becomes an instrument, painting through animal imagery with organic, fluid and natural movements and playing with colour and environment.
Corals Art Gallery location