H. 17:30 - 20:30

Opening "To those who have quite had their fill of Gorgo"

Curated by Galleria Ciaccia Levi, Paris - Milan

'To Those Who Have Quite Had Their Fill of Gorgo',' the title chosen for Zoe Williams' solo show, is a reference to surviving works by the poetess Sappho and translated by Anne Carson. On display in the gallery spaces will be new framed scraperboard drawings and the film work titled "Tendresse, Tendril, (Worms' Meat)'' a CGI series of snapshots and animations intended to act as a kind of morbid prophecy or spell and bewitch the field. Sea anemones, the protagonists of the short film, alternating with pools of rock and falling gold coins, are accompanied by the artist's silhouette dancing in a glowing red window. The slow exchange between the object and its viewer sets in motion an intimate dialogue around power and sex.
Galleria Ciaccia Levi, Paris - Milan location