H. 18:00 - 21:00


Curated by Guido Musante, Cecilia Cefis Zuliani

Private Monument is the design of a transition monument. It consists of three parts: '2019/20', '2020/21' and '2021/22', which correspond to the transition periods between three calendar years during which the total or partial deprivation of public space has been the measure of global concern. The monument has a function, but no use within the city. When we stand in front of a monument, we recognise its evocative function, i.e. the reason why it was created. But within the city it is nothing more than a space that has been taken away, i.e. deprived of use. The Private Monument project wants to investigate this is to highlight what a monument is in relation to the city. The work of subtraction of matter wants to investigate the space that is subtracted from the city to become monumental. Monuments by their very definition are eternal, but in reality, they lose value and are not eternal. A monument has value for the society that creates it in a commemorative sense, but in the passage of time its intrinsic meaning is lost, to make room for a new narrative. The work on the material aims to investigate the monument by anticipating, or rather shortening, this time. Its body will slowly dissipate, anticipating the process of reintroducing the space of the monument to the city itself.
HUB ART location