H. 17:00 - 18:00

Guided tour "NETES MAI"

Curated by Jessica Tanghetti

NETES MAI, curated by Jessica Tanghetti and supported by Cortesi Gallery, is Maurizio Donzelli's solo exhibition hosted at LDR22, the new boutique showroom that the well-known celebrity matchmaker and art collector Lucio Di Rosa has opened in Milan. With references to the history of the city, and the patterns that emerge from it and from the artist's practice, the exhibition celebrates and reinterprets, in contemporary terms, the art of tapestry. The exhibition also takes a look at the future by drawing inspiration from the past: NETES MAI is the invitation to 'fear not' depicted on the Trivulzio tapestries based on drawings by Bramantino and kept at the Castello Sforzesco, part of the artist's references.
LDR22 location