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Opening "PASOS, the Spanish collection walks with the Contemporary"

Curated by Luigi Attilio Brianzi, Elena Cerasetti

PASOS is a stimulating dialogue between the Spanish artistic expres- sion of the Sixties and the contemporary language of urban art embo- died by the Orticanoodles collective. The abstract works of Antoni Tà- pies, the visual poetry of Rafael Alberti, and the realism of Amalia Avia, all intense and vigorous, are juxtaposed with unpublished works by the Milanese collective, inspired to the Spanish Collection. It is an intercultural dialogue that unfolds within artistic exploration and finds its complete expression in the Pop Art of Equipo Crònica. This exhibition aims to celebrate cultural diversity and also emphasize the power of art in fostering mutual understanding and respect. PASOS wants to encourage deep reflections on history, collective memory, and the role of art in contemporary society. PASOS wants to be an opportunity to appreciate aesthetic and artistic innovation and also promote social cohesion through culture and the sharing of universal human experiences.
OrMe Ortica Memoria location