H. 16:00 - 17:00

Breadscapes - Wheat Vitality Museum

Curated by Associazione Terzo Paesaggio ETS

Public presentation of the project for the video-environment Wheat Vitality Museum, with the presence of the artists and curators. It is a prototype of a new learning context dedicated to the theme of Bread, in the symbolic place of the production of the first agricultural bread in the city of Milan, the ancient cradle of European agriculture by the Cistercian monks, in Chiaravalle. It is the project of a new nomadic hybrid space that reuses a first voyage naval container, which assembles a mobile bread-making laboratory, fully equipped with professional ovens, with a narration space set up with VR and AR projectors and viewers: a video environment on the " vitality of the grain". Bread is not investigated as an object here. What we propose is rather a relationship path with bread.
Padiglione Chiaravalle location