H. 18:00 - 19:30

SuperSidera. Visione di Hildegard von Bingen. Performance by Phoebe Zeitgeist

Curated by Associazione Terzo Paesaggio ETS

Performance device for live-electronics, body and voice. A score played between material and immaterial where the sound, managed in quadriphony, will give shape to a timeless viewing experience, from the reworking of Hildegard's musical experiments (Simphonia harmonie celestium revelationum and Ordo virtutum). The performance was born from the study of the most subtle aspects of nature and creatures that Hildegard von Bingen was able to elaborate in a prophetic vision of history and in relation to a constant divine and visionary inspiration. Hildegard von Bingen is linked to the figure of Bernardo da Chiaravalle, founder of the Abbey of Chiaravalle, an important center of attraction and irradiation, which becomes the setting for SuperSidera. Performance by Phoebe Zeitgeist Conceived and directed by Giuseppe Isgrò With Francesca Frigoli and Giulia Dalle Rive Sound architecture and live performance Shari DeLorian Danilo Vuolo scene and costume consultancy Dramaturg Francesca Marianna Consonni Project manager Marta Bertani
Padiglione Chiaravalle location