H. 11:00 - 18:00

Apertura straordinaria "On ne fait pas ça"

MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to present On ne fait pas ça, a solo exhibition by the Swiss artist John Armleder. Manipulating the contrasts between decoration and kitsch, geometry and abstraction, Armleder's work positions itself on the border between humor and profound respect for the art world. Armleder challenges the conventions of art, its formulation and its presentation. Influenced by the Fluxus movement of the 1960s and associated with the Groupe Ecart of Geneva, Armleder was inspired by the ethics of the American composer and artist John Cage. On ne fait pas ça presents a retrospective of his work spanning from 1994 to 2023, from Armleder's iconic furniture sculptures to his more recent “pour painintgs”.