H. 09:30 - 12:30

Comets. Vanguards of another solar system

Curated by Marta Bianchi, Marta Cereda

“Comets. Vanguards of another solar system” is a project curated by Marta Bianchi and Marta Cereda that inaugurates a virtuous relationship between miart and Careof, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, and presented at Anteo Palazzo del Cinema. “Comets” is a screening program of artist films, sourced from the Video Archive of Careof, the center for production and exploration of time-based media, from the collections of the Municipality of Milan, and from galleries participating in miart. The presentation of the works is accompanied by a program of encounters with some artists, to provide a curated and precise dimension for the video works, where cinema becomes a privileged space for an intimate viewing of the works.
Anteo Palazzo del Cinema location