H. 19:00

Opening "SCONFINA"

Curated by Rossana Ciocca, Helga Franza

SCONFINA is a project that wants to go beyond the boundaries of a given territory and escape the limits determined by the topic. It is a space open to dialogue 24 hours a day, without imposed times. Night and day it searches for curious glances among hurried passers-by. Carichi Pendenti, a sculptural installation by Marta Dell'Angelo, redefines the place and time of space, aiming at the gaze of those who pass by. Parentheses of female silhouettes vibrate in the void intersecting with each other, like theatrical wings made up of portions of discarded bodies. Mobile sculptures silently dialogue with each other, inviting those who look at them to enter the scene and participate in the pi├Ęce. Bodies, female nudes trespass into the urban fabric in constant dialogue with the social context that surrounds them.
Fondazione Arthur Cravan location