H. 10:00 - 18:30

The convivial laboratory

On Friday 12 April with the inauguration of TALAMO – an installation by Lemonot, a duo of Italian architects resident in London (Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri) – BASE Milano kicks off a series of initiatives created for the program of Milano Art Week and miart 2024. The performative sculpture, created in collaboration with Xavier Madden and Katja Banović, introduces the theme of conviviality, the protagonist of WE WILL DESIGN – The Convivial Laboratory, a program that brings together the projects and initiatives that will take place during the Milan Design Week 2024. Drawing inspiration from the archaic or scientific meanings of "Talamo" - the wedding bed, the stage for representing liturgical dramas in the Middle Ages, the part of the brain for the transmission of sensory signals to the rest of the body - the Lemonot wanted to synthesize them in a mobile installation , creating a convivial architecture composed of an immense but light bed, which becomes a stage in dynamic suspension between floor and ceiling.
BASE Milano location