H. 18:00 - 21:00

Finissage e performance "Moving the apocalyptic corner towards hope"

Curated by Stefano Cagol

Glenda Cinquegrana Art Consulting presents an exhibition curated by Stefano Cagol, which takes its title from a conversation between Björk and the philosopher Timothy Morton to look at the role of art in influencing society away from paralyzing immobility. A coherent sense of commitment distinguishes, in fact, the practice of the artists exhibited, who include the American Mary Mattingly, here with the photographic image already the cover of the volume "Art in the Anthropocene", and the Spanish collective PSJM with their abstract paintings as "social geometries" to underline changes caused or desired by us. Cagol's “Bouvet Island” is on display, sculptures that refer to atomic issues.
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