H. 19:00

Opening "Tino Stefanoni"

Curated by Elizabeth Mangini

M77 presents, from Tuesday 9 April to Saturday 8 June 2024, the new exhibition project dedicated to the artist Tino Stefanoni (Lecco, 1937-2017), which provides a precious insight into the artist's rich and varied production. The exhibition project, curated by Elizabeth Mangini, art historian and professor of Art History and Visual Culture at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, winds through the two floors of the gallery to construct a story from the 1960s to Today. We start from the historical works, which reveal Tino Stefanoni's fascination for everyday objects since the first exercises created in the late Seventies. Coffee cups, funnels, glasses, ladles, envelopes, hot water bottles and pencils make up the artist's repertoire, expressed on wood, on iron, on canvas and then extended to sculpture and installation. The exhibition path continues until the 1980s, which sees the artist's research channeled towards the representation of landscapes with vaporous lines.
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