H. 18:00 - 20:00

Opening "Erika Verzutti. Notizia"

Curated by Chiara Nuzzi, Alberto Salvadori

Fondazione ICA Milano presents the exhibition Notizia, an unprecedented focus into the artistic practice of Erika Verzutti (São Paulo, 1971) curated by Chiara Nuzzi and Alberto Salvadori, including new works – mainly produced in Milan - developed according to the space’s specificity of ICA and characterized by a radical shift in their conception and installment. With Notizia Verzutti questions and poses to us the issue of how conceptually and visually the impact of newspapers and daily newspapers - as well as the circulation of the news they convey - exert on art and art making, also revealing the artist's fascination with printed paper both as a material and as the subject of her own artistic expression. Newspapers and news are at the center of the artist’s reflection, articulated in a selection of floor and wall sculptures made of bronze, cement, ceramic, resin and newsprint and other materials that represent the complexity and richness of the artist's formal and expressive vocabulary.
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