H. 18:00 - 22:00

Opening "Catching The Ray"

Curated by Greta Martina

Catching The Ray draws inspiration from Jules Verne & Eric Rohmer works, exploring the fleeting beauty of ephemeral moments. Yue Zhao & Sante Saponaro transform found objects into vessels of memory, beckoning viewers on a journey of self-discovery. Influenced by Michel Serres' insights into virtual and physical realities, the exhibition navigates the interconnectedness of existence. VR technology enriches the experience hosted in Renato Arrigo’s architecture studio, thus becoming an homage to artistic and architectural processes. Within the space, boundaries between reality and imagination dissolve as meticulously atmosphere, light, and sound beckon introspection. Prepare to be transported to a realm where nostalgia and possibility blend, where memories and perceptions intertwine. Live music with Martaneve’s Duo.
Studio Renato Arrigo location