H. 17:00

Guided visit "Our house is on fire"

Curated by Raffaele Quattrone

The show is inspired by the book with the same name by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg and Fridays For Future, a global movement for climate and environmental justice. The decade 2009-2019 was the warmest on record and 2023 was the hottest year in human history. Fire seasons have become longer and more intense, earthquakes more frequent and violent, cyclones and floods have increased, phenomena such as El NiƱo have become more irregular and have caused dangerous droughts. A terrible climate crisis is underway and is our most important challenge in the future. In the face of all this, art can bring greater awareness and inspire change in an incisive way. #ContemporaryArtistsForFuture represents contemporary art's commitment to our future and our planet. Artists: Bertozzi e Casoni, Enrica Borghi, Pierpaolo Curti, Eva Frapiccini, Alessandro Moreschini, Luca Pancrazzi, Francesca Pasquali.
Galleria ARTRA location