H. 19:00 - 20:00

Marilisa Cosello. Try

On the occasion of Milano Art Week nctm e l'arte presents two performances by Marilisa Cosello, both related to Try. Try is a large performance project by Marilisa Cosello, started in 2020, consisting of the re-presentation of sporting activities in an artistic context. By staging Olympic sports sessions that involve the redesign of the body for the purposes of extreme performativity, and a control of movements in time and space, the artist activates a reflection on the delicate balance between freedom and discipline. With a focus on the female body, Cosello also refers to the gender dynamics that exist in societies, to the tension between autonomy and expectations, to the social and power structures within which we all live. Try #7 will take place on Friday 12 April 2024, from 7pm to 8pm, in Piazza Affari, which will stage a Greco-Roman wrestling session. The performance will be repeated a few times throughout the evening.
Piazza Affari location